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Tom Behler

Thanks, Dan. …  Will take a look.


Tom Behler



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Sent: Sunday, November 15, 2020 4:54 PM
Subject: Re: Laptop mouse question


Yes, the issue is very annoying. After Dell does an update, a Dell update and not a Windows update, the mouse touch pad gets re activated. Go into control panel and under mouse you will find a setting to turn off the touch pad. 

On my dell the setting is only available under the mouse tab in control panel.  On some Dell’s it may be easier to find.  The setting is not easy to locate with JAWS so if sighted assistance is available this will save time.  JAWS does read the items in the mouse area so perhaps with a little extra work with JAWS you should be able to control the function.  It is a check box.



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Subject: Re: Laptop mouse question




I have been using Dell laptops lately, and always try to turn off the mouse pad for the same reasons you suggest.


However, I notice that sometimes the mouse pad gets turned back on probably from Dell updates, so I’m gradually learning to live with the mouse bening enabled.


If someone has instructions for turning the mouse pad off on a Dell computer, and keeping it off, I’d appreciate them.


Tom Behler




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Subject: Laptop mouse question




I have had numerous laptops over the years and the “mouse” area always causes problems…  Often times I inadvertently touch the mouse area and JAWS loses focus.  Do most users turn off the mouse and connect an external mouse if sighted users want to utilize a mouse?  Any input would be appreciated…


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