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On Sun, Nov 15, 2020 at 03:51 PM, Mark Arnold ABG wrote:
Often times I inadvertently touch the mouse area and JAWS loses focus.  Do most users turn off the mouse and connect an external mouse if sighted users want to utilize a mouse?  Any input would be appreciated…

           My recommendation of over a decade not to every one of the clients I've tutored is NOT to disable the mousepad, because having real left and right click hard buttons is just so useful, but to mask off the "thumbpad" area that causes the mouse pointer to move.  I have most commonly done this using a piece of cardboard of the thickness you typically find on the back of a notepad, cut to the necessary size, taped down on the left like that side is a book spine and on the right with a smaller tape tab, that can be easily lifted if desired to expose the "thumbpad" area for sighted assistants.

            It is just so handy to have real left and right click rather than using screen reader emulation to achieve same, and you can get that while easily preventing the issue you describe by masking off the area responsible for pointer movement.

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