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Madison Martin

The issue with that is that Jaws isn't on that list.

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Hey there, Madison, BZ here again, grin! There's another way to do this in
windows ten. 1. Hit windows key plus r which will bring up the run dialog.
2. Type shell:appsfolder and then press enter. This will bring up a list of
all your applications. Down arrow until you hear jaws and then hit your
applications key and go down until you hear create shortcut and then press
enter. You'll get a message that will say something like do you want windows to
create a shortcut anyway and then press enter. I'm doing the message off the
top of my head so that's not the verbatim message you'll hear but this method
will create the jaws item on your desktop. If you're not comfortable doing this
and you need assistance, just let me know and
I'll be happy to help you. BZ!

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Subject: getting Jaws on the desktop

Hi all,
I went to my desktop and the Jaws shortcut doesn't seem to be on there. I went
into the search box and found Jaws, but when I pressed shift f10 to create a
shortcut I got 5 options:
Run as administrator
Open file location
Unpin from taskbar
Pin to start

Can someone please tell me, what other way (s) can I create a shortcut for Jaws
on my desktop? Even though you've all provided me with other ways to start Jaws,
I'd still like to check and see if my shortcut key is still set or not. Thanks

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