moderated Re: getting Jaws on the desktop

Andrew Summers

Do what you did, but Open file location find your JAWS and copy the file to
the clipboard.
Now go to your desktop and paste the file.


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Sent: 15 November 2020 18:55
Subject: getting Jaws on the desktop

Hi all,
I went to my desktop and the Jaws shortcut doesn't seem to be on there. I
went into the search box and found Jaws, but when I pressed shift f10 to
create a shortcut I got 5 options:
Run as administrator
Open file location
Unpin from taskbar
Pin to start

Can someone please tell me, what other way (s) can I create a shortcut for
Jaws on my desktop? Even though you've all provided me with other ways to
start Jaws, I'd still like to check and see if my shortcut key is still set
or not. Thanks Madison

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