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Just a bit more about Full speech, speech on demand and speech muted:
As Jasmine pointed out, pressing Jaws Key + Spacebar followed by S invokes Speech on Demand which limits what Jaws will speak and it is something braille display users often use because they want less speech, but still some speech.
If you want to mute Jaws entirely, you can do this by pressing Jaws Key + Spacebar followed by Shift + S
As soon as you press this key combination Jaws will be totally muted until you again press Jaws Key + Spacebar followed by S which restores full speech.

As for the keyboard shortcut which didn't work to bring up Jaws, you should first go to your Jaws shortcut on the desktop, press Alt + Enter to bring up the properties and tab twice to check if somehow the keyboard shortcut you set was removed. If you hear the following:
Shortcut key: Hot key
Control + Alt + J
To define the hotkey Type the keystroke combination.
Then your keyboard shortcut is set, if so not sure why it didn't work, but as Brian suggested, maybe delete it and reassign it. Personally I prefer Control + Shift + J, somehow I find it easier to press that key combination than Control + Alt + J, but that is very subjective.
Also keep in mind that reloading Jaws is not instant, when I just tried it it took about 7 or 8 seconds before Jaws started speaking after I pressed the keyboard shortcut.

One alternative to bring up Jaws was already given, press Windows + R and type Jaws2021 (or whatever your version is), make sure you don't insert a space between Jaws and the version number, it has to be all without spaces.
You can also press Windows Key + M, I often do it twice just to be sure, this minimizes all programs and takes me to the desktop. As long as Jaws is the only shortcut you have which starts with J you can then just press J and enter and Jaws should also start.
Lastly, if you are using Windows 10, you should be able to simply press the Windows key to bring up the search box and type "JFW" which is the name of the program file, jfw.exe. Don't include the .exe, just type JFW and press enter, for me this also starts Jaws. This would, however, potentially be a problem on a machine with 2 or more Jaws versions since the application files are all called JFW.exe. I assume it would still work, but which version of Jaws you get is probably anybody's guess. But if as you say you only have 1 Jaws version on your computer this should also work and strictly by how many keys you have to press it is easier than Windows Key + R and typing Jaws2021 or Jaws2020.

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Insert+ , then s is a toggle between speak on command or full speech.
While watching a video, use insert+space then s and jaws will be silent unless you press a reading command like insert+up arrow.
When the video is done, press insert+space then s again and Jaws will say full speech and you'll be back in business.

There was something odd going on with Jaws 2019 and 2020 on my system where none of the hotkeys on my desktop worked.
So far with Jaws 2021 they are working again.
Otherwise, the Windows+r then JawsXXXX where the x's are replaced with your jaws version works quite well.

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No Jasmin, I only have the one version. Does this command (insert space s) just mute Jaws, or would it mute the speech in the video that I'm watching as well?

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Hi, Madison,
To help you better, I have a couple of questions for you. First, do you have any other versions of JAWS on your computer? If so, it may be that the shortcut is only set for the previous version. Another thing is that if you want to mute speech, you can press Insert+Space, then the letter S. Hope this helps!


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Subject: Jaws command question

Hi all,
Today I was watching a Youtube video, and Jaws kept talking so I couldn't hear the people in the video very well. So I turned Jaws using insert f4.
Well after the video was finished I tried to turn Jaws on using control alt j, but it didn't work, my Dad had to click on Jaws. Now I know I have the command set, so I'm not sure why it doesn't work. Any ideas? Is there any other way I can turn Jaws on myself? If Jaws isn't working then my Braille display doesn't work either (not sure if this is normal or not) so I don't even know where I am.
I hardly ever turn Jaws off, but I'd still like to know why the command to turn it on doesn't work. Running Jaws 2018. Look forward to any suggestions anyone can provide!! Thanks Madison

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