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David Goldfield

Regarding your Excel problem have you checked to ensure that your scroll lock key is toggled to the off position?

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On 11/14/2020 9:25 PM, Mike B wrote:

Hi Alan,
I don't know if this will work in your situation but, it's worth a try to change this setting in Excel  Read below.
From: David Goldfield
JAWS Tip: Is JAWS Not Speaking As You Move Your Cursor? Try Toggling Enhanced Edit Support
In almost all applications moving the cursor or caret using your arrow keys causes JAWS (or any screen reader) to speak the character, word or line as
you use the appropriate cursor movement commands, such as right arrow for next character, control+right arrow for next word, etc. This works nearly 100%
of the time. However, I recently noticed that JAWS wasn’t speaking as I was moving the cursor in
 a Wordpad-like word processor that I often use. This was baffling until I found the fix. (Note: in the interest of full transparency I may have enabled
the setting that I’m about to discuss as a default. Therefore, the problem that I encountered may not actually have been a JAWS issue but may have been
something that I personally enabled.)
If you encounter this problem in Jarte or in any program where cursor navigation isn’t speaking try toggling enhanced edit support. Here’s how you can
locate this feature.
1. Press insert+F2 for the list of JAWS managers and press enter on Settings Center. As a quick shortcut pressing insert+6 will open Settings Center. This
is the 6 on the row of numbers and not on the number pad. If you are asked to create a new configuration press enter to accept.
2. In the search edit field type, enhanced.
3. Navigate with the down arrow key through the list of results and look for “enhanced edit support.” While this should be enabled for Word it should be
disabled for Jarte. Pressing the space key toggles this setting from being not checked (turned off) to being checked (enabled.)
4. Press enter twice, which will close Settings Center and save your changes.
David Goldfield,

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Subject: Woes with Jaws and Microsoft 365

I will try to keep this brief but hope to get some helpful feedback as well as share my journey on the issue.

I decided to upgrade from Office 2016 to Microsoft 365 for a number of reasons.

I deleted Office 2016, subscribed to Microsoft 365 and downloaded the local version which I know is Office 2019. All was well and after configuring a few minor things all seemed well.

I checked a file or so with Word and Excel and again, all seemed well.

When I launched Outlook, this is where my journey began. I have used iCloud to sync my calendar, contacts and email for several years since I upgraded from Outlook 2000 to outlook 2010.

I was receiving an error message that iCloud was not able to recognize  the Outlook protocol/identity or something like that. I googled this to see what I could find and fix it. I won’t include all the steps here but tried to fix it and did not have any luck. I decided to call Microsoft disability desk and they worked on this issue for a geed hour or so to no aval. They escalated to a level 2 technician and that person called me the following day. To make a long story short, when I downloaded Microsoft 365 (Office 2019)   it was the 64 bit version. This is not a big deal as my computer runs a 64 bit version of Win 10 pro. This conflict was traced to the fact iCloud was a 32 bit program and would not play nice with the 64 bit version  of Office 2019. The tech uninstalled Office 2019 and installed the 32 bit version of Office 2019. Everything seemed to work ok while on the phone with Word, Outlook, iCloud, etc. so I told them all was ok and we hung up.

The next day I needed to update some financial records in an excel file I had setup to do this and have been doing do  with this file for well over a decade.

When I launched the file, entered my password, the fun began. Jaws announced the name of the workbook, contents of the cell it landed on and that was it. To my surprise arrowing left, right, up, down announced nothing.. I did all the normal things including a reboot all to repeat the same outcomes.

This email is getting long but here is the bottom line.

The 32 bit version of Office 2019 will work well with Word, Outlook, iCloud, but not with excel. This Office 2019 64 bit version will work well with excel, outlook, and Word, but not with iCloud. I have googled this issue and have found out iCloud does not offer a 64 bit version of that program to the chagrin of many users that use iCloud and need to use the 64 bit version of excel due to the size and complexity of excel sheets they use.

I should also mention that I called freedom  scientific about this and initial rep could offer not assistance and elevated it a level 2 tech which I have not heard back from.

I do not understand why the 32 bit version of Office will not run on my system as the Office 2010 and 2016 version did.

I should also mention that Narrator won’t work but NVDA will in Office 2019 32 bit version.

So, here is my question to users in this group. What is your experience with Microsoft 365 and jaws I should also say I am running Windows 10, version 2004 and have tried  this with Jaws 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Hoping to get some feedback and suggestions on your experience and if there are any settings I can change to get this working.




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