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On Sat, Nov 14, 2020 at 06:05 PM, Rick Miller wrote:
I have heard that there are three ways you can get notifications—e-mail, Desktop and Alert. 

            This is true, but Desktop Notification is one thing, and Alert, in practice, is set on the event itself and can be done via e-mail, or pop-up notification which is presented in the manner appropriate to the device on which it's being done.

            What you are encountering in the main Calendar settings is correct.  You choose one of three things:  Off, Desktop, or Alerts (and I'm not trying to split hairs here, but the choice for Alerts is plural).  My own Google Calendar main setting for notification is Alerts.

             The specific Alert or Alerts you actually get are not done at the Calendar level, but as part of creating or editing an Event.  When you create a New Event, only a few of the many fields/options are shown initially for both ease and speed, and these are:  Title, Date & Time, Add Guests, Add Google Meet Video Conferencing, Add Location, Add Description and attachments, and the actual calendar the event will be created in.  The last is only really relevant if you have access to more than one calendar, which I do, so I am not positive whether it will show to anyone who is using a single calendar.   After those things, at the end of the pop-up dialog for the Event, are two controls:  More Options and Save.   If you wish to add any one of the other possible features to an event, and this would include the sorts of notifications you want, you must activate More Options before these features become visible.

              Now, I will presume you have activated More Options on the Event.  If you set a default notification in Calendar Settings (and we can come back to that later if needed) you will see one notification already present with whatever you set up.  In my case the default notification is "Notification" (which is the pop-up I mentioned earlier) and 30 minutes ahead of the event, followed by an option to delete it.  Immediately following that, is the Add Notification, control, which allows you to add as many additional notifications, whether by Notification or Email, that you want.

               I'll now presume you've activated the Add Notification Control for the event. By the way, all of what follows is also part of that default notification I mentioned, as you can tweak your chosen default if you want or need to.  You are presented with three components:
1. A dropdown that lets you pick Notification or Email.
2. A combo box for a number of units before the event.  You can either type in the number or use the up/down arrows that are part of that control.
3. The "units" dropdown, where you pick minutes, hours, days, or weeks.

So if you want e-mail notifications, you do have to set them up in the event, not at the calendar level.  And since I've never used the Desktop option at the calendar level, I can't describe what happens if it's on.  I have always used Alerts and set up the alerts I need on a given event when I create it.

At one time the event-level notifications settings appeared without the use of the previously mentioned More Options control.  But that changed at least a year and a half to two years back, I can't remember exactly when.  And I still find that change mightily annoying.  I virtually never have need to deal with anything other than the event title, date & time, and calendar selection that's shown on the initial pop-up dialog.  I'd far rather have both the event-level notifications options and repeat options shown on the initial pop-up dialog, and would gladly ditch a couple of the other things like location, attachments/description, guests, and video conferencing options that currently do appear.

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