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David <davidwhitehead1957@...>

Hello there;

Sure you can!
All you need to do is;
If your wanting a senders private email address,
If your using OE,
Enter on the message,
Then press alt+#1 twice quickly,
Now you can copy to clipboard,

Hope this helps.
There is a reply privately to sender jaws script,
However it doesn't work.
The keystroke is,
Once you enter on the message,

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Subject: e-mailing of the list

I was wondering with the list if there is a way to e-mail people from this
list off list. At times it seems necessary and at other times, I just want
to say hello to an old friend.

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Subject: Fwd: People Soft?


Does anyone use People Soft, to access their Human Resource information,
such at time sheets, etc?
I work for a state agency, and using People Soft is proving to be somewhat
I use JFW 12 and Windows 7 32 bit, on this netbook.

I'm currently using my own equipment because the state is still in the
process of purchasing the needed access technology.


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