moderated Microsoft 365 Word losing pages or at least hiding them

Richard Turner

I have a truly crazy thing happening.

This happened in Jaws 2020 as well as 2021.


I have about a 9 page document with a simple list of the books we’ve read in our book group since 2008.

Each month’s book is on a separate line.

I just added the list from 2020.

When I then went back to review by arrowing up and down, it suddenly jumped from 2017 to the middle of a list I have at the end of other books that had been suggested.


But, if I select all, and copy into a text editor like Notetab Pro, everything is there as it should be.


Another odd thing is sometimes when arrowing up or down, when I hit a page break that is a “soft page break” meaning I did not put in a hard page break, I get the Windows error sounds and cannot arrow beyond that line into the next page.

I have to left arrow from the beginning of the line, or right arrow from the end of the line to get beyond that point.

I have the line spacing set to 1, I use Times New Roman 12 point font.

I’m not doing any fancy headings or font changes.

The window is maximized.


Any ideas what kind of Gremlin I have?





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