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Marty Hutchings

I've successfully downloaded and installed JAWS 2021 by going to JAWS 2020 help and checking for updates, where I found that there was one. I haven't found anything buggy, although there is one thing different that is a sort of a minor annoyance. The JAWS window is now in the group of open windows when I Alt Tab through my open programs. I was able to hide the JAWS window a few versions ago and that setting carried over with subsequent versions, but didn't with 2021. Could someone remind me how to hide the JAWS window again. I have the box checked for running JAWS from the system tray.

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If it's not gonna be out till November, why was there links posted as if it was out today very confusing.
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According to the Podcast it will be out by mid November. They are still working out some bugs.

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Hi All,
When are we going to get JAWS 2021?
I thought it would be out by now.


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