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Adjusting Protected View Settings in MS-Office Programs (MS-Word Format)

I am the contrarian who turns off all protection for a number of reasons:
1. The use of Office documents to spread malicious code became quite ineffective, and as a result, infrequently used, some years ago.

2. Security suites that do "on download" scanning have recognized malicious macros for years now.

and, most importantly

3. I never, ever download and open any Office document from any untrusted source.

#3 is absolutely the very, very best way to protect yourself.  If you are downloading and opening files only from sources that you strongly believe can be trusted, the probability of any infection via Office documents is just incredibly low.

I haven't hit the "read only" problem yet, and if I do I will find out how to turn that off, too.  If I've downloaded a document, I already have every confidence that it's safe before it ever sees the proverbial light of day in the Office program that's supposed to open it, and I want it to open with the same permissions and behavior as though I were its author.

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