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Justin Williams

Text analyzer is also a way to read through documents and hear everything. 


Use it by hitting insert spacebar a.




A quick way of doing it is to use alt windows I.


I'm not sure which way is better of the two.

Another trick I used is to stop, and edit the paper when I had a writers block, or when I needed a break from writing it.


Like for example, I would just write a few paragraphs or a page or two, then when I got tired of writing, I would edit it so I didn't have so much editing to do in the end of the paper.


You can also copy and paste formatting when you have similar section of a document that need to be formatted the same.







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Mike! This is awesome! This opens up a whole new world! I really appreciate you telling us this secret…






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I think what you want to change is your Speech and Sounds scheme.  Which one you want to use, I don't know but, it's a pretty easy task to switch schemes, steps below.

While in Word press, Insert, Alt + S, to open a list of schemes but, make note of which one that's highlighted so you can go back to it if you need to.


Arrow up and down and pick one you want to try and press enter.  Sometimes turning off Jaws and restarting is necessary to make the change take affect.


There are several schemes to pick from but, it shouldn't take very long to experiment with them to get an idea what they're all about just for future reference.  These schemes are availble for all programs if you ever feel the need to experiment with another program.

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Hello, If you hold down the insert key and then press f1 twice,  JAWS should bring up its documentaation for the current application. Also, JAWS does have a tool that looks for font changes extra spaces and afew other things. I can't remember the exact tool name but I believe it can be enabled with INSERT space followed by a. 




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I am working on college papers but the feedback I’m getting includes font changes, parenthesis, etc. Is there a setting in JFW 2021 that will assist me more independently edit my papers?

Thank you,


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