moderated Re: creating footnotes

Justin Williams

Maybe you can try copying formatting. 

Copy your document into a blank document.


Then, go to your original document, the one with the footnotes.


Hit control a,

then shift control c,

then shift control v.


the control a is to ensure you copy the formatting for the entire document.






From: [] On Behalf Of kevin meyers
Sent: Wednesday, November 11, 2020 9:37 AM
Subject: creating footnotes


Hello, I’m using windows10, Jaws2020 and word 2016. I have a document with footnotes. I selected all and then copy. I then pasted the document into another document. When I pressed the windows key and the semi-colon none of the footnotes showed up. I then decided to just create the footnotes. I went into references and then insert footnote and entered the footnote. I then pressed shift f5. The footnote shows up on the screen. In the document I copied from the footnotes don’t show. Two there a way to copy so the footnotes are pulled? Or how do I create a footnote so it doesn’t show up on the screen when Jaws gets to the bottom of the page? Thanks, Kevin

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