Moderated Re: Searching the JAWS Group Archive


Believe it or not, has made searching the group archive easier than it once was as far as plowing through search results goes, so I have updated the document, Searching the JAWS Group Archive (MS-Word format)

Both JAWS and NVDA are mentioned in this document, because a NVDA user new to JAWS might be using NVDA for their searches, and vice versa.

My problem is that I really cannot know what "table traversal method" any given individual might use and prefer, so I don't get really specific on that aspect.  I have never received any feedback (which I'd appreciate either on this topic or by using the Reply to Sender link at the bottom of this message to reply to me privately) from anyone, so if you use them and find something that you found difficult to follow or have other suggestions for improvement please share them.

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