moderated Windows 10 20 H2, Favourites gone from Edge Chromium After Updating


Hi all,

the subject pretty much says it all.

I had a ton of favourites saved in a folder that had been previously imported from Firefox. Out of a habit, I saved every link in that particular folder, since it contained most of my everyday links.

I am so frustrated now!

Edge gave me its usual "Hello, welcome, and let's start to make your life better" screen where I was presented with various customisation options, and I closed out of that dialogue since I had previously gone through the entire process.

Also from my first launch of Edge on after the update, all the instructions were in English.

Now, I don't want to hear anything about backups, incremental this, and possible future strategies.

I just want to know if there's a way of retrieving my favourites that Microsoft nuked in the update process??

A file, folder, registry entry, whatever, where my old favourites might be stored?

I tried contacting MS through their disability helpline using Be My Eyes to no avail, since something is either wrong with the app or on their end.

Calling in directly isn't really possible unless I want to spend a ton of money on an international call.

Any thoughts?



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