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Yes, I use this all the time for work. SoftToken is a program that generates
a token based on two factors:

1. It is running on the computer it is expecting to find (such as my
laptop), and
2. I input a 4-digit pin to create the token.

Then I copy the token, shut down SoftToken and paste into the VPN password

Simple and elegant.

Your company should have no issues, as it's just as secure as one of those
token cards.

Here's the Help/About screen from my copy:

About SofToken II
SofToken II (Version 2.1.1)
Product Info: SofToken Info:
File Version: 2.1.1 Serial Num: xxxxxx
Copyright © 2002 Secure Computing API Version: 2.1
Secure Computing Corporation Type: DES Silver
Mode: Asynchronous
Phone: (Main) 1.800.692.5625
(Sales) 1.800.379.4944
(Support) 1.800.700.8328
(Intl. Support) 1.651.628.1500
Fax: 1.408.918.6101
Dave Carlson
Written with grammatical care, punctuation, and capitalization because I
empathize with readers of my mail. From my Dell Latitude 630 in the general
vicinity of my Audio Recording and Mixing Studios, San Francisco Bay Area.

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Hello List Friends,

My company is being directed by the government entity for which we
have a long term contract to use VPN with tokens. With my last employer, we
used a VPN SoftId solution. SoftId uses VPN without a token by displaying a
graphical set of numbers on the computer screen. A coworker then wrote a
macro/script to cut and paste the graphic into the Pass code. Then the
verification was performed with no problems.
My company in their infinite wisdom will not even investigate this solution.
Before I raise this to a legal level, can any of you provide any
information? I cannot imagine the government requiring a solution that is
not able to be 508 Compliant.
If you have any experience with using VPN, in an environment that uses
tokens, will you please contact me off list at
Barbara Anne

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