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            You'd need to be a lot more specific about the nits they're picking in order to get a focused answer.  That being said, I would ask what font face and point size is wanted as a starting point.  And if all of your papers are to be delivered to individuals and departments who dictate that font then I'd edit your Normal.dotm file (details later, if needed) so that any blank document you open will default to having it from the get-go.

             Word includes the Styles feature, and if you are told which of the various Styles they'd prefer you use, you could activate that before starting the paper and the various fonts, sizes, indents, outline/bullet styles, etc., will conform to that Style.

             It's the parentheses part I really can't answer, as they will be presented in whatever font you're using.  Now if the issue is they want different delimiters at different times, e.g. square brackets, curly braces, and the like then they need to make clear under what circumstances each is wanted, or refer you to something like the Chicago Manual of Style or other formatting reference that reflects what's being asked for.

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