Blind Tunes for iTunes source code released

John Martyn

Hi all, this is a blast out to my list as well as the JAWS Scripts list and
the JAWS support list.
Almost a year in the making for this iTunes script starting in April, I
think it would be a good idea on how you actually write a script. For
something so popular as Blind Tunes, I think of it as fair to release the
source code. Things like this don't come along very often, so if you're
interested in knowing how I did it you can download it. There are a lot of
scripters out there and I feel it fair to show a real life example of over
coming an application as stubborn as it can be. I'm not one for leaving
notes in the scripts because I know it like the back of my hand, but I would
also like some suggestions on how to make things better. Couple years back,
I got a look at Jim the Snowman's scripts for hot spot clicker and it was
really impressive. It inspired me to start writing. I'd like to return the
favor to the scripting community and show what's under the hood. There are
some really inventive solutions here so you can grab what you want and use
it for yourself. My site is big enough and free enough now that I've
established over at least 15,000 users of the script.
It took me a few cigarettes to think about doing this, but what the hell. It
would be nice to have someone help with iTunes if I get too busy to do this
project. I plan to keep it free. A talented scripter might have some
suggestions and a lot of questions why I did things the way I did, so ask
away. I'm for a team effort to keep Blind Tunes running strong as long as I
remain the distributor for this.
All you newbies want to learn? Here's your chance at a juicy script. LOL.
But seriously, I am looking for someone with talent to help on this project.
I have done all the work for it to be as accessible as possible and there is
a lot to get from these scripts, almost too much. The API is a really nice
touch as well as the auto update. Rhapsody doesn't change very much, but
iTunes sure does and it can be a real pain in the butt when they break
things and start straying away from accessibility. I must have put in a
thousand hours of work into it just trying to invent ways to make iTunes
behave. I am busy writing other scripts and it would just be great to work
with the best out there. So drop me a line if you want them and join the
Blind Tunes team.
Also, if you haven't joined the BlindTunes list, click here: and put subscribe in the subject.
Thanks to all of your suggestions over the past year. I do read the posts as
much as I can. If you want to become part of the Blind Tunes development
Team, join that list and we can talk about the development.
I must include this little bit. In case you don't know where to start,
iTunes_code is the juicy part. iTunes.JSS is just where I redirect the user
to the languages they are using. This was the easiest way to include all the
languages in a single package. The M(1) functions call the loaded language
file for a segmented string of variable messages. Not all techniques in this
script work with other programs, but it was a good idea to get in some other
developers into the loop. If you have any questions to things. Please by all
means ask and I'll tell you why something was done a specific way. I'd like
the help anyway. Blind Tunes needs a team of people to run it really and I
want it to stay alive and kicking.
Good Luck, and I hope you can give some suggestions so we can all make it
Download it here:
John Martyn

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