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Joseph Hudson

Rick, I have seen your message. However, I am not using JFW at the moment however I will be using it but hopefully by next weekend. And I will go take a look at the Google calendar for you. I have to get my desktop upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 and I also need to purchase just 2020, so it will definitely take me some time. So as I have it done I will look at this for you and send instructions.

On Nov 7, 2020, at 11:41 PM, Rick Miller <> wrote:

Did any of you read the below message? Can you give me the help I am asking for?

Rick Miller

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Subject: How Do You Access Google Calendar Notifications with JAWS?

Dear Listers:

I have listened to Freedom Scientific’s webinar about Google Calendar. I know how to create an event and know how to set the way I want notifications to appear—email, Desktop or Alert, using Settings. The funny thing that is happening is this. I have read that there are three ways of receiving Google Calendar notifications—by e-mail, desktop or Alert, but when I am in the Settings Menu and go to set the way in which I want to receive notifications, in the combo box in the Settings menu where I make my selection, there is no e-mail designation. When I am in the Settings menu and come to where you set your notifications I hit the Enter key to turn Forms Mode on. I currently have it set to Desktop notifications. I would like to set it to e-mail notifications but when I arrow up, instead of saying “E-Mail,” JAWS says, “Off.” I don’t understand. I have tried adjusting this setting using both Microsoft Edge and with my default Browser, Google Chrome, but nothing is working. Can any of you out there who use Google Calendar help and tell me how you receive your notifications using JAWS?

Rick Miller

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