moderated Bug Mail and JFW 2021

David Griffith

I tried to report a reproduceable serious bug with Windows Mail and JFW Beta on my system.

The report form seemed pretty unstable – I filled it in but I am not sure if it successfully submitted. All that happened when I hit the send button is that the page reloaded with all the form fields I had  filled in blank.



  1. Load Windows Mail under Windows 10.

 Create or reply to a message.

Type some text in the message body. You get typing echo whilst typing but it is impossible on my system to read the typed text using any of the normal JFW reading commands.

This makes it impossible to edit text as any attempt to review the text simply results in JFW announcing Message.

This fault does not appear with Jaws 2020, Windows Narrator or NVDA.

If anybody else can reproduce this bug could I ask that they try to report it as well as JFW beta is currently  unusable for me with one of the  core Windows apps on my system.

David Griffith


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