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Glenn / Lenny

Microsoft will make all programs so they run as apps, like IOS and Google.
That is why folks can still get windows 10 for free.
I just authorized windows 10 with my windows 7 key, so now I'm using both with no extra cost.
So you know that the plan is for Microsoft to make its money from apps, and not the operating system.
The first step is windows 10 S mode, which is the on-line version of windows 10, which limits the installing of programs, you have to get the bulk of installations through the app store.
The method for Microsoft to know which version of Windows you are using is detected when you open their page.
They know which windows, and which versions you can use with that system.
I'm sure that if Jaws professional is just an option, the page will offer both options and explain the differences.

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And what do you base such a statement on? I haven't heard a thing about this and even if it were so, how would the Microsoft Store know if you are in a corporate setting where you may require Pro or whether you might want to have Jaws Professional for some other reason of your own?


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I suspect that soon we will only be able to get Jaws from the Microsoft app store and it will know which version is right for our system by detecting our operating system that we are on the page with.


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If you purchased the JAWS Home Edition license, you can use JAWS with Windows 10 Pro.


Dave Dyrber


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                                                                                                                                                                Heya folks,


I now need to update to windows 10 from 7 as am having huge issues.


These days can I use my Jaws 2020 home license to work on Windows 10 Pro or I can only install Windows 10 Home for it to work?






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