moderated Re: JAWS with Trend Micro AntiVirus Software

Emre Rencber

I'm using Kaspersky Total Security. İt is accessible. Of course it is
purfectly antivirus.

2020-11-06 14:40 GMT+03:00, Mark Fisher <>:


I've used Trend for a number of years. Whilst as Tom says, the notifications
n recieved are readable, I've found navigating around the actual console not
very usable. I've raised this every year with Trend however they don't seem
to have made much change in the accessibility aspect. I continue to use it
because its been a very good protection tool. Happy to here from others if
they have had different experiences. Be prepared to use the JAWS cursor,
PictureSmart and other  features a bit.
Mark Fisher
Principal - HR Systems
Water Corporation

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