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Jim Fettgather

Unless someone has already mentioned this, Research-It in Jaws has a very uncluttered interface to Wictionary.

It’s found every word I could throw at it!

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I use Alexa. Sometimes she stops on the first choice But I can often help her along by rewording the question.

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I’ve had the shortcut for on my computer for I don’t know how long, years.  Mind you of late, I either use the spell checker in office 365 or, SIRI.  Siri is used when the spell checker has no idea what I’m trying to spell. There are still some dog breeds I have trouble spelling correctly.  If you can’t spell the breed name correctly, clients may not hire you.   


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I agree. I use frequently.




Shirley Tracy


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Hi, works great.

I’m going to paste the link to the word, “grace.”

It will give a few definitions, then there is a more button, which then shows I believe 18 or 19 definitions with examples, and yes, there is a lot of extras you can skip through but then it gets down to the origins and so on.

My wife and I used to have the Oxford English Dicitonary on CD but it was written for Windows 3.1, and at the time, was a steal at $130.

The Oxford English Dictionary had 21 definitions for Grace.  So, is great for free.





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Subject: Online dictionary recommendation


Hello Listers,

I’m looking for a good online, JAWS-friendly, dictionary. I use a Lenovo laptop PC, Windows 10, and the latest version of JAWS. Please recommend your favorite one. I’d prefer a free one if possible.


Paul Filpus



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