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On Thu, Nov 5, 2020 at 06:11 PM, Maria Campbell wrote:
You can't even navigate by headings on that page, at least that I saw.
There are a couple of really weird goings on with NVDA and the Onelook results page, and I can't figure out "who's at fault."

You are right that you can't navigate by headings, as headings are not used in the presentation of results.  The word searched on has links to each dictionary's information for it.  If I hit NVDA+F7 and have searched on, say, "deshabille," there is a stream of links reading deshabille, followed by a home link for the dictionary and an info link - lather rinse repeat for the number of dictionaries in which the word is located.

But, I cannot get single letter nav for links (k), unvisited link (u), or visited link (v) to work at all.  Yet, if I activate using the elements list, the links are noted as visited after I've done so.

I have to decide whether this is something I want to report to NVAccess or not, and will wait to do so until others have read what I wrote above and may be able to offer a logical explanation for this very odd (at least in my experience) behavior with NVDA traversal of the dictionary search results page. 

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