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German A Fermin

Yes, I think the banners stay on your screen for a bit of time before they go away and disappear. For me, I want to hear them but not interfere with what I'm doing so I would rather review them in the action center at my convenience.


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Hola, Jermán.

>I suspect that you have banners checked for your notification >which you have to uncheck within settings. I don't remember if I had >to do this for each application or if this has changed in the newer >version of windows but if you go to the notification settings and hit >enter on one of the apps that you have turned on, you should get a new >screen with a few check boxes.

Ah! This is a great tip! So, are you saying that the notification banners are interfering with my work flow by usurping the focus and not releasing it until I alt+tab?
Orlando Enrique Fiol
Charlotte, North Carolina

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