Moderated Re: I just got a Bluetooth speaker that works great with Windows 10 and JAWS 2020

Kevin Minor

Hi Alison.


I’m using Windows 10, so my instructions are for that.


First, hit the WINDOWS key. This should put you in the search area where you can type something.


Now start typing BLUETOOTH. You’ll get something like Bluetooth and other devices. Hit ENTER on that.


You’ll be where an option is add Bluetooth device. That’s what you want. You might also have to turn Bluetooth on. In this area, TAB is your friend.


I think once you select ADD Bluetooth device, you may have to select Bluetooth again.


Now put your Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode. TAB around this screen for a list of Bluetooth devices. Look for your headphones, and hit ENTER on them. If all goes well, they’ll be connected. Be warned, however. Once paired, all your sounds will go through the phones, and unless you specifically set JAWS for another sound card, your speech will also go through the headphones, and you might think you lost speech.


Hope this helps.

Kevin and Jilly the flying doggie


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Subject: Re: I just got a Bluetooth speaker that works great with Windows 10 and JAWS 2020


It sounds like a good speaker.

Wonder if you can help as you are obviously used to pairing.

I belong to a Rock Chir which is currently having to meet via Zoom. So everyone doesn’t hear Jaws nattering on, I am using headphones, but doing so is quite restrictive as some of the songs have moves.

Blue tooth headphones would obviously be the answer and I do have some which I use with my iPhone.

I’ve no idea how to pair them with a desktop computer however. Any clues on how to go about this please?




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Subject: I just got a Bluetooth speaker that works great with Windows 10 and JAWS 2020


Hi all.


I’ve finally found a Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t suffer from the dreaded cutting off the start of speech with JAWS.  It’s the Tribit Soundmax Plus Bluetooth speaker. I might have that backwards, but if you look for it on Amazon, you’ll find it. It has 24 watts of sound, is stereo, and uses a micro USB cable for charging. The buttons have tactile markings, so it’s easy to figure out.  It claims to have 20 hours of battery life, and the advertising says it has a range of up to 100 feet. I just got it, so I can’t say much about how well it works yet. The thing that I’m very happy about is it doesn’t chop off the beginning of JAWS when it starts. I think it’s mainly made for devices like smart phones, but it paired with my Windows 10 laptop with no problem. Oh yeah, it’s waterproof, so some rain won’t hurt it.


I ordered it from Amazon, and with Prime it costs around $60, taxes included.


That’s all from me. Right now it’s charging, but I used it plugged in with no problem, but I don’t know what that would mean for the battery. Tonight I’m going to start music on this laptop, and instead of moving the computer to my bedroom, the new speaker will be used, and it will be really nice to have a lower volume than what the lower quality internal speakers produce. I know, I could just lower their volume in sound settings, but what can I say, I’m lazy.


Just letting you know.


Have a blessed day and don’t work too hard.

Kevin and Jilly the flying doggie

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