moderated Notification hell!

Orlando Enrique Fiol

Hi all. Using JAWS 2021 beta 3 and the latest 20H Windows 10 build, I'm trapped in notification hell. I don't mind hearing notifications arrive while I'm working on other things. But these notifications are taking over my window focus such that my only recourse is to alt+tab away from, then back to, the application where I'm working. When the notifications appear, they can't be dismissed or deleted. Only moving them to the action center seems to get rid of them.
I don't have focus assist turned on because I worry I won't hear notifications, which I still want. I just don't want them hogging my entire focus and hemming me in.
By the way, this happens with Narrator and NVDA as well. It has also persisted through numerous clean Windows reinstallations and the past few insider previews. The notifications appear and cannot be dismissed or deleted. They only disappear by alt+tabbing. The action center doesn't seem to be the culprit. When I open it, I can tab to the notification list, delete or dismiss individual notifications or groups of notifications from specific applications. The only thing I cannot do consistently from within the action center is activate notifications. Space or enter only work sometimes; it might be one or the other, but more often, neither.
Since I know how to choose my battles, I'm willing to defer solving my notification activation problem if I could just get get these notifications to be voiced in the background without stealing focus. Is Focus Assist appropriate for this?
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