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Michael Walker

Also, it helps to be proficient in jaws. You might like the surfs up tutorial to help with more jaws commands.

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Yes, LinkedIn is accessible with Jaws. You may want to try

Or just use the

Take your time when reading through the different tabs, buttons and links. It looks tricky initially but it will make sense.


Please feel free to let us know if you have additional questions.




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Subject: Is LinkedIn accessible with Jaws?


Hi All,

I am a Jaws 18 user on a windows 10 laptop.

Is LinkedIn accessible with Jaws?

I have used it, and it seems accessible, but I am not sure whether I can carry out all type of tasks with Jaws on LinkedIn that other sighted people can. If it is fully accessible, are there any tips or list of accessible short cuts that I can use to improve my experience with LinkedIn?

Best wishes,



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