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Brent Harding

At least I know things probably won’t be quite as hard the next time around, as things are gradually moving away from these difficult dedicated programs in the tech world, but you do have the things like remote desktops and stuff that might become a thing.



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On Mon, Nov 2, 2020 at 03:37 PM, Ann Byrne wrote:

did the company do the scripting or was it a third party? where does one find a third party scripter?

The company hired a third-party.  There are virtually no in-house JAWS Script experts because there are very few places where there is in-house use of JAWS at all, when workplaces are taken as a whole.  And even in places where JAWS is used extensively, unless you're dealing with custom software that is not web based, but is "screen input/output based," there's likely been little need for custom scripting at all.

I did a lot of research back then, and some of it by asking on groups such as this one, for information regarding individuals who develop custom JAWS scripts professionally.  It is a very small, select group.

I do not know who, ultimately, the company hired (and the company was Crutchfield, by the way, I think they deserve a shout-out for all they did to get this employee fully up and running, which was substantial).  Since JAWS scripting is not something that I do, once I'd determined what was going to be needed my job was done.

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