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Brent Harding

I am pretty sure things are widely different from place to place, but where I worked for four years, the calls that were for me just automatically beeped in, and they were on. Also, there was a pause button that puts you into an after call mode where calls don’t come, so that you can finish up whatever is needed at the end. However, things really depend on the rest of the software in that how accounts are updated, products sold, etc, in how well or not it might work with Jaws. I know that not getting an AT person from VR that knew Jaws scripting probably meant that some aspects were slower than I’d have liked, where I was at was quite impressed with my abilities more than they had the abilities to fix things in an ideal way. They closed up the local site just at the end of this February, and I’m looking for another one to get into. However, throwing in the whole remote thing, it might be a bumpy road unless they use things that are very standard, web-based, etc. There were so many times I thought I’d give up because of the whole accessibility situation, but I’m sure glad I stuck with it as long as it was.



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Good morning,


Does anyone maybe know if Jaws2020 will work successfully with a incoming

call centre Windows software that automatically sends the next

incoming call to the next available customer service agent and automatically at the same time answers that next incoming call by sending that next incoming customer inquiry   directly to the headset of the next available customer sservice agent?


Does anyone maybe know how this answering automatically incoming calls

call centre Windows software lets a customer sservice agent who is

using Jaws know they are the one that has the next incoming call and that

they, the jaws user customer service agent are now talking live to the next

incoming customer call?


Any help I can maybe get with this would be so very

much appreciated as it looks very, very good that I might very soon be hired to work at a local call centre as an incoming customer service agent. Much, much thanks in advance for any help I can maybe get with this.








Kindest regards,



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