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Ann Byrne

In the case you mention, did the company do the scripting or was it a third party? where does one find a third party scripter?


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JAWS will work, but the degree to which it will function depends largely on the software being used.

If your call center has anyone who can script for JAWS, it would be a good idea to have them look at your company software to see if it works well with JAWS.

-Having been in the position of having to assess this exact situation in the past, it cannot be overstated enough that someone familiar with JAWS needs to, at a very minimum, see how it works with all software the employee is expected to use. Call centers are very fast-paced environments, and you really can't afford to have things work perfectly 96% of the time.In addition, and this was a problem at the company I was working with for the client I was working with, a significant amount of the software they were using was custom and not web-browser-based, and all of that had to be custom scripted.Provided everyone knows that the effort to get you up and running could (note: could) be extensive, and everyone's willing to commit to doing the necessary slogging, there's no reason it couldn't work out. It did for the client to whom I make indirect reference because the company was committed to her and to the expense (and in this case it was significant) of having all the custom JAWS scripting done to allow her to be successful in that role. --

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