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No restriction. Is your screen maximized? Try tabbing more to make sure you
route around to the top of the list again. The cursor does not always start
at the top, and "All-day" events may not each read separately.

Make sure you're set to "day View" (Ctrl+Alt+1).

Have you tried the Insert+double A to virtualize the view and see if all
your appointments show there?

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Hello Everyone,

When I look at my calendar in Outlook 2010 JAWS 13 will say I have four
appointments but when I tab through the appointments JAWS will only read
three and the fourth appointment is unspoken. If I delete one of the earlier
appointments the last one will be read by JAWS, but that's the only way it
will work. Is there some kind of limit restrictions on the number of
appointments that JAWS will read in one calendar day in Outlook?


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