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paul lemm



I’ve worked in a few different call centres using Jaws.  There are tons of different phone software that companies use these days, I’ve worked with a couple and they are often web based programs, so tend to work well with Jaws in general without any adaptations being required, but as someone else mentioned it really just depends on which software system they are using. the phone software is usually used for making calls and transferring calls to other agents. Most modern call centres also require you to input  a code or select an option at the end of the call to specify what type of call it was, also if you need to take yourself out of an available ‘ready to take another call state’ you do this through the software, inputting a code or selecting an option which specifies why you are inactive, this stops further calls coming through to you, but also allows a manager to see who in the centre is free and who isn’t and why they aren’t available, as you might be on a break, doing some admin etc, if these are web based programs this is all normally pretty accessible with Jaws. Regarding taking calls, some contact centres still have a physical handset where you press something to accept the incoming call or you select answer on the phone software, others just send the next call straight to you. Normally with the latter you receive a beep (or something similar through the headset to signify that a call is just about to come through’. Without actually physically trying the phone software you won’t know how well it works with Jaws until that point.  I’ve mainly worked in sales, so there is usually a bookings system you will use to book in whatever you are selling, whether it is a sales role or not, there will probably be an internal system they use  which you will need to interact with to access customer data, so you will also need to find out if that is accessible with Jaws. In my last job the bookings system was also  a web based program so again jaws worked well with their software. If   the phone or bookings system are web based programs I found without a shadow of a doubt the most useful jaws  tool is place markers, if you haven’t used these already I’d recommend  playing around with adding them to web pages on your personal  PC to get used to using them, but basically you put them wherever you want on the page and then you can quickly navigate to that location. If their systems are web based programs if you add place markers you will  be able to more quickly navigate their software, or at least that’s what I personally found anyway. Good luck with the new job, as mentioned I’ve worked in various contact centres  since losing my sight and if they have good software then it’s a job which can be done well using Jaws. if you have any more questions, if I can answer them I will be happy to help if I can.


Paul Lemm


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Subject: Re: using jaws to work at a call centre as an incoming customer service agent



Good morning,


Does anyone maybe know if Jaws2020 will work successfully with a incoming

call centre Windows software that automatically sends the next

incoming call to the next available customer service agent and automatically at the same time answers that next incoming call by sending that next incoming customer inquiry   directly to the headset of the next available customer sservice agent?


Does anyone maybe know how this answering automatically incoming calls

call centre Windows software lets a customer sservice agent who is

using Jaws know they are the one that has the next incoming call and that

they, the jaws user customer service agent are now talking live to the next

incoming customer call?


Any help I can maybe get with this would be so very

much appreciated as it looks very, very good that I might very soon be hired to work at a local call centre as an incoming customer service agent. Much, much thanks in advance for any help I can maybe get with this.








Kindest regards,



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