Moderated Re: using jaws to work at a call centre as an incoming customer service agent

Hank William Merchant <hank_w@...>

Good morning,
Does anyone maybe know if Jaws2020 will work successfully with a incoming
call centre Windows software that automatically sends the next
incoming call to the next available customer service agent and automatically at the same time answers that next incoming call by sending that next incoming customer inquiry   directly to the headset of the next available customer sservice agent?
Does anyone maybe know how this answering automatically incoming calls
call centre Windows software lets a customer sservice agent who is
using Jaws know they are the one that has the next incoming call and that
they, the jaws user customer service agent are now talking live to the next
incoming customer call?
Any help I can maybe get with this would be so very
much appreciated as it looks very, very good that I might very soon be hired to work at a local call centre as an incoming customer service agent. Much, much thanks in advance for any help I can maybe get with this.
Kindest regards,

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