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tina sohl

Thanks Dan I'll keep them in mind.

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We bought the Brother about 3 years ago and , at that time, the Brother
was nearly the same price as the Epson. I am talking about the middle of the
road inkjet printers. Not the low end that you often find at Wal-Mart.
Those often are inexpensive but use lots of ink.

The Brother is very good on ink and a quick check on the web found them
about the same price range again depending on model and such.

The Brother app is a little quirky but accessible on the I Phone.


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Dan, are those brother printers very expensive? how expensive are the
epson's you guys are talking about too. I know someone else mentioned Epson
I have a 5-year-old HP printer that works pretty well for me but I have
considered upgrading in the next couple of years well I still have a working
printer and can just choose to upgrade rather than the printer dying
hopefully. and I'm wondering how expensive these printers with buttons are.
hopefully the Android apps are as accessible as they are for everybody on
iOS the HP app seems to be. I grabbed it last night for my current printer
to play with it.

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Brother makes 3 in 1 printers with buttons. I use the Brother MFC DW. It
has a screen but most functions can be accomplished with the buttons and
numeric key pad. Brother can also be linked to your computer and the
software is fairly accessible. Also, has an app for your mobile device
which on the I Phone is easy to use. Again, Brother has the buttons and
does very well with low ink useage. Not the fastest but very good.


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Does anyone know of an accessible 3 in 1 printer? Today’s printers are
mostly digital with a flat screen for navigation. I need a flatbed surface
to scan my reading material. I can’t find any printers with buttons.



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