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David, thanks for your help, it works now. BTW, got any other tips for using Jarte with JAWS and/(or NVDA)?

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From: David Goldfield []
Date: Sunday, November 1, 2020, 11:35 AM
Subject: using Jarte with JAWS
Hello. I also ran into the problem where JAWS seemed to no longer
support cursor navigation in Jarte. You will be happy to know that there
is a very simple fix for this problem which is achieved by toggling the
state of enhanced edit support within the JAWS settings center. See my
blog post

detailed instructions for those who are not familiar with adjusting
options within Settings Center. However, going into Settings Center and
toggling Enhanced Edit support will definitely fix the problem.

David Goldfield,
Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist
JAWS Certified, 2019

On 11/1/2020 11:27 AM, Mike B wrote:
Hi David,
What's the work around for NVDA?  Someone else is having problems with
Jaws & NVDA running Windows 10 with J2020.

Take care and stay safe.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Rams!
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*Subject:* Re: using Jarte with JAWS

I know that this is not particularly useful for a Jaws list but I
personally found that Jarte has become unusable with Jaws. However it
still works perfectly well with NVDA as a workaround.

David Griffith.

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an acquaintance is using Jarte with JAWS 2020 on Windows 10, and when he

types, the letters are announced, but when he attempts to review what he

wrote, JAWS just says nothing. I asked him to do a few things, and

discovered pressing insert+homerow 5 announces black on black. his wife

who is sighted says that the lettering is black on a white background,

but the untyped area is blackish blue. shouldn't the untyped background

be white?

what needs to be done in order to have JAWS read what has been typed if

he needs to check what he typed or navigate to a misspelling to correct?

might there be some settings other than fiddling with the color settings?

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