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Mike B.

Try going into the Settings Center default all applications with keystroke, Insert + 6, on the number row then press, Control, Shift + D.
Down arrow to, Keyboard closed, it's 17 of 26 and right arrow to open.
Down arrow to, General closed, and right arrow to open.
Down arrow to, Manage key labels..., and press the spacebar to open.  Do not press enter here, if you press enter it'll take you out of the Settings Center, so use the spacebar.
Find the key you want to change and tab 1 time to toggle for mute or speak.
When you're done tab to, Okay, press the spacebar tab to, Okay, again and press enter to save / close.

Take care and stay safe.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Rams!
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Hi.  I am in the same situation Mr. Rawls is in.  Anyway, when installing Windows updates on patch Tuesday on my desktop pc and laptop pc, the internet went down while my Hp laptop pc was installing the updates.  This caused the Windows 10 updates to become corrupted.  Numerous calls to the Microsoft disability answer desk did not solve the issue until the case was escalated.  Now Jaws is announcing keystrokes like enter and escape.  I have been poking around trying to remember how to disable those keystrokes from speaking.  Sorry if I misspelled your last name, Jim. 

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