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Steve Matzura

What will it do for you? Well, certain training facilities, such as
state commissions for the blind, are starting to use it as an
accreditation or certification standard by which to evaluate and
measure potential trainers. I remember when personal computers were
first introduced into the workplace, there were few who really knew
the business, but everybody wanted in on the new big thing. In the
beginning, it was very easy to weed out who knew what, because mostly,
nobody knew anything! Today, you can go to a bookstore, pick up a book
for $20 or so, and at least sound like you know what you're talking
about, which has opened up the field to a lot of people, a lot of whom
are out-and-out hucksters. That being the case, there's got to be a
way to weed out the wheat from the chaff, as they say, so FS has come
up with a method of certifying that, yes, you do indeed know your
onions when it comes to JAWS and MAGIC. Personally, I think this kind
of thing is long overdue and will eventually separate them who can
from them who cannot in the training business, which is good for the
client in the end because they get a better class of trainer, one
who's guaranteed to really know what they're doing.

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And what will it do for you?

On 3/5/12, Shawn Keen <shawn.keen@...> wrote:
Correct. It really tests your knowledge. I would like to see tests for
other fs apps as well.


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Has anyone done the jaws certification offered by FS? If so, thoughts? If I
read it right, you can take the test as many times as you would like and
once you pass it, then you pay.


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