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Glenn / Lenny

Have you tried workforce?
I get all the job listings for my zip code in a daily eMail from workforce.
There is always work from home jobs listed there.
You will need to go to your state's wrkforce site and create an account, and then do a search for all jobs in your zip code as the search area, and it will give you a page of them.
Then you can tell it to send you a daily message.
In Nebraska, the workforce page is difficult, but doable.

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Sent: Saturday, October 31, 2020 7:17 PM
Subject: Working From Home With Accessiblity Software

Has anyone had success finding employment working from home using JAWS software? 

I am asking because my wife islooking for a work at home opportunity that she can do using JAWSsoftware. 

Is there any agency or job placement services that handles such things? I have seen references to such jobs, but have not seen any specific jobs. 

Any help would appreciated.  

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