moderated Setting a bookmark in Word

Ann Byrne

I don't know what is different from name and location. when I add bookmarks using each one, they are accessed the same.

1. Alt-n, then k. Choose either name or location because it doesn't seem to matter.
2. Type the name.
3. Tab to add and press enter.
that's all.

To access the bookmarks
1. Press ctrl-g (go to)
2. Shift-tab once to the list of items; page is the first.
3. Arrow down to bookmarks. I don't think you have to press enter, but If your list doesn't magically appear, I guess you do.
4. Once in the bookmarks list, arrow up or down to the one you want and press enter.
5. You are still in the dialog. You have to press escape to get out of it and return to the document.

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