moderated Re: Screen Shade Will Not Turn Off

Dan Longmore

Try running a repair, sounds like something got corrupted, because you were doing everything else right.

On Oct 30, 2020, at 9:40 AM, Callum Stoneman via <callum.stoneman@...> wrote:

Hi all,


I regularly use the screen shade while working to save battery on my laptop. However, occasionally I need to have a sighted person look at my screen either face to face or via a screen share on Teams (yes, the screen shade causes the screen to appear blank when sharing it as well).


Sometimes, when I go to turn my screen shade off, it just will not turn off at all and the screen remains black. It doesn’t matter whether I turn it off via the keyboard shortcut, the three finger triple-tap, the quick settings menu, nothing works. Even quitting JAWS entirely stops every other function of JAWS, apart from the screen shade. JAWS continues to announce, “Screen Shade off” or “Screen Shade on”, there are no errors. The only way I can get my screen back is to reboot the computer.


Anyone else experienced this and know of a way to avoid it happening?


I’ve checked my brightness and even turning this to 100% did not change anything, so I know it isn’t that my brightness is too low for anyone to see or anything like that.



I’m using Windows 10, the latest version of JAWS Professional 2020 and a Surface Pro 3 laptop I believe.



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