moderated How to interact with the tree view of OneDrive Choose Folders dialog box

Delaunay Christophe <christophe.delaunay@...>

Hi all,


Some time ago, when I right-clicked on the OneDrive For Business icon in the systray of my windows 10 computer, I could open the Settings dialog box, then hit the “Choose folders” button. In the Choose folders dialog box, I could select/deselect the folders I wanted to synchronize on my local disk.


The folders were presented to me as a tree view. However, I don’t know how long ago this tree view is not rendered anymore by Jaws 2020.


I tried to work around this problem with an alternate screen reader. This other screen reader also renders the tree view as apparently empty. With this alternate screen reader, another navigation mode they call “object navigation” I can see the top folders of my OneDrive For Business space but it is quite uneasy to select/deselect them. In addition, I cannot figure out how to expand one element of the tree view, in other words, a folder in which I’d like to sync subfolders only, even though the screen reader says it is “collapsed”.


Does anyone know of another accessible way to synchronize some parts only of a OneDrive For Business space please?


Many thanks in advance. Have a nice day. Chris D

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