Re: Getting embedded links to work again in Outlook Express

Tom Behler


I tried your suggestion, but still no luck.

I am wondering if some setting in Outlook Express is incorrect, but can't
figure out what that might be.

Will keep trying here, and I appreciate everyone's tolerance of this thread.

Hopefully, others who may be having the same problem will benefit from
whatever solutions arise.

Tom Behler

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Hi, Tom.

In addition to the suggestions Mike passed along, I find with Outlook (I
realize you're using OE) that moving the focus to the right of the "h" in
an http" link enables my XP system to click the link. Until a friend made
the suggestion off-list, I'd been unable to make email links work in
Outlook. Maybe it will also work in OE now.

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Hello, everyone.

I am not sure if this is a Jaws issue, or something else, so I hope this
won't be considered to be too "off topic" for the list.

I currently use Outlook Express as my e-mail program on this Windows XP

I used to be able to directly access embedded links in an e-mail, but seem
to have lost that capability recently.

I have gone into the Options under Outlook Express, and made sure the box
that says "read only in plain text" was un-checked.

This has not solved my problem.

Can anyone else tell me what to try either in Outlook Express, or maybe even

in Jaws to get embedded links to work again?

Thanks very much.

Tom Behler from Michigan

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