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Marten Post Uiterweer


When the favorites bar is turned on, you can go to the favorites bar and
access your favorites from there.

YYou can press alt-shift-b to set ffocus in the favorites bar if it is
visable. If this does not work, press ctrl-shift-b again.

You can also go to this bar by pressing f6, but how many times f6 can

Regards, marten

On Wed, 28 Oct 2020 12:20:24 +0000 "Adrian Spratt" <> wrote:

Hi, Bill.

When I press control-shift-b, nothing seems to happen. I get no verbalization from JAWS, and I can't detect any change in behavior.

I'm relying on my favorites folder on the desktop to open Edge favorites, but I'd prefer to work from within Edge, if it's feasible.

Would you explain what I should look for when I press the shift-control-b command?


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Hi, Amanda. The following two Edge shortcuts may be helpful to you, especially the latter.

Ctrl + Shift + B
Show or hide the favorites bar

Ctrl + Shift + O
Open Favorites management

Bill White

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Subject: Using Edge with JAWS

Hey ya'll,

I recently gave up the IE ghost, and find Edge to be useable.

I was wondering, is there a keystroke or an easy way to access your favorites? For example, in IE, it was alt+a... but I don't see anything like that in Edge. I use my favorites a lot, so was hoping someone could point me in the right direction.


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