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Cohn, Jonathan

Both NVDA and JAWS have single key navigation and unless you are using flowto or main region quick nav then NVDA has pretty much the same quick navigation keys. I don’t believe however that web developers who are told to turn on a screen reader and see if everything talks would know  these commands unless they review one of the tutorials on an accessibility web site or employ disabled people.
Most training courses   I have experienced have the other difficulty that they like to use animations on screen to demonstrate how to do something. Generally, these animations show up to screen readers as either a large graphic or a flash movie. It is possible to add accessibile elements that mirror the animated information, but this is generally only done when the required by the contract.
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On Oct 27, 2020, at 5:23 PM, Cynthia Bruce <cynthia.bruce@...> wrote:

I think what I’m finding is all of the ways I can navigate quickly are not always available when they don’t test with jaws.

On Oct 27, 2020, at 5:58 PM, David Goldfield <david.goldfield@...> wrote:

This is a fair question. While there are occasionally some differences in the way that JAWS and NVDA conveys information about what's on a Web page it's reasonably safe to say that pages which pass a manual audit with NVDA would likely do so with JAWS. If anything, if they only tested with JAWS and not NVDA I'd actually be a bit more concerned due to the fact that JAWS has a tendency to guess what should be read with forms that may not properly conform to current standards. This is actually great for the user but can give false positives to the one doing the testing. As long as their code is properly written and marked up you should be OK.

David Goldfield,
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On 10/27/2020 4:49 PM, Cynthia Bruce wrote:

Hi All,


In my current university context, I am teaching a course developed by a company that is external to the university. I keep running into things that are not easily accessible, and they have told me they are only testing accessibility with NVDA. So, my question, is it likely that I will find incompatibility with JAWS when they only test with NVDA?


Thanks for any info – I want to be able to give them some feedback.



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