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Hi, Dave. First, you spelled rhetorical wrongly. Secondly, they weren't asking you if you had a question about your account. They were legally asking you if you would give them permission to access your account. The calls are often recorded or monitored, so, if they don't ask you if they have your permission to access your account, they could be considered to be invading your privacy, or, in some instances, even to be breaking the law. Not knowing the legal world may be causing you to be making some very unfounded assumptions. These questions may not be rhetorical at all.


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Don't you love people who ask retorical questions.... When I lived in the US, the idiots who annoyed and exasperated me more, were those who worked at the utility companies, who were programmed to ask their customers the question, "do I have your permition to access your account". My answer to them was, "why would I be calling your company, if I did not have a question about my account".




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Yes, the exact minute FS announces it.

Sadly, these kinds of questions cannot be answered until the mother company says something.


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Hi All,

Does anyone know when JAWS2021 is going to be released?


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