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Adrian Spratt


Let me add to your mention of f6 that you then tab once. I can't remember the word you hear, but it's something like unprotect or clear or open. Press enter, and the file becomes unprotected. This method has worked consistently for me for some time.

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Sometimes if you alt-tab away from the document and alt-tab back, you get results. another thing to try is f6. If you're lucky, that will take you to an edit button, and pressing that will free things up. Alt-f, then i, then e will also unprotect the document, but only if you can get alt-f to work.

good luck!
toAt 06:49 AM 10/26/2020, you wrote:
Hi List

When I open an Attachment in Protected View I get no response from any
key stroke/s I make. Alt-F etc does not respond at all.



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