moderated Suggestions of how to use Google slides using JAWS 2020 and Windows 10 needed please

Sharon Ballantyne

Hi All,


I was contacted by a professor about a new course I am beginning using Zoom. He wants me to be able to access google slides and be able to edit within the slides.


I do have a gmail account.


I have found some information on google documents but not google slides.


If anyone has any suggestions of resources to help me learn this, that would be great as I have never used the google suite and have my gmail set up to use in outlook.

I am a person who is totally blind, using JAWS 2020 and Windows 10.


I plan to have Zoom open on one device and resources such as google slides and the workbook and texts on a separate laptop with earbud for that computer tucked in my headset and microphone that is connected to the laptop I am using for Zoom.

Thank-you for any advice.

Respectfully yours,

Sharon Ballantyne



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