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I am in a college  course working with databases. In the span of time since this thread has started, I have been able to install MariaDB 10.5.6 and it is accessible from a command line. So, I guess, I am good to go. However, a little off topic, but still in the ballpark, do you know a good tutorial on database normalization.




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Hi.  Most RDBMS are accessible through the windows Command prompt.  What do you actually hope to achieve?  If your aim is more clearly stated, it would be easier for me to help.  Cheers!

On 27/10/2020 6:42 am, Brian Vogel wrote:

Depending on what you mean, precisely, by "database software," Excel can be used to create accessible files that are used as databases and can be used in other Office suite programs for doing things such as creating mailing labels.

If you're talking about an accessible full relational database manager (RDBMS), I have no idea.  I have heard it said, repeatedly, that MS-Access is inaccessible, or at very best not accessible anywhere near to the degree needed to use it effectively.  And I have no recommendations regarding any RDBMS that is accessible.


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