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Ann Byrne should take you directly there.

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I don't know how to. There is no way to get to the calendar that I can see in Google Chrome, and when I go to the Google home page there is no direct link to the calendar. The only way I know of to get into the calendar is by using the Control+L key combination when on my home page using the Chrome browser and then entering If there are other ways to access the calendar, I don't know about them.

Rick Miller

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I think these menus areonly for being inside an actual Google
document. Try going to the calendar directly from your main Google

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Dear Listers:

I am learning how to use Google Calendar. I have learned to
create an event and have learned to edit one and set notifications for one, but, for example, if I set a notification for two days in advance of the event, the notification never pops up. Somebody from Vispero Support got in touch with me and suggested I enable accessability using Google Docs. I got into Google Docs by first going to my home page using Google Chrome, which is my default Internet browser. After I bring up my home page I try getting into Google Docs by first going to the address bar using the Control+L key combination and then entering The technician at Freedom Scientific told me that accessibility would be in the Tools menu which, according to him, I would activate using the key combination Alt+Shift+T. I have tried this, but instead of the tools menu popping up I see a list of recently viewed documents. I have also found myself in a menu asking you to either reload a docum!
ent or do other things. I have tried to seek help from many people but have gotten nowhere, and if I discover I cannot access the Tools menu I might just give up on Google Calendar and go back to using Outlook calendar instead. Can one of you please reach out, even if tomorrow is Sunday and even if it is the weekend?

Rick Miller

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